Safika Holdings

Safika Holdings is a South African-based investment holding company with a broad range of interests that include financial services, mining, mining exploration, mine development, transport and logistics, manufacturing, human resources and leisure activities.

The company is well positioned in the market place and is in a period of expansion aimed at broadening and intensifying positions in carefully selected investment areas.

Safika plays a successful and distinguished role in the South African government’s Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policy. Because it is 66 per cent black-owned and has an excellent reputation for efficiency and ethical behaviour, Safika is the preferred partner for a wide range of businesses seeking to broaden their shareholding in terms of government policy to ensure that South Africans disadvantaged in the past are brought into mainstream business life. Safika’s reputation for sound management, its awareness of the South African investment and trading environment and its strong financial position attracts investment opportunities from many sectors.

Safika has also expanded beyond the borders of South Africa and now has fast-growing interests in Australia, China, Korea and Singapore focused on financial services and natural resources.

Safika’s business philosophy is to take active roles in the companies in which it
invests and to vigorously add value to the enterprises. Its management style is
designed to foster talent and encourage initiative at all levels.

In 2004 Standard Bank, South Africa’s largest banking institution became a
shareholder in Safika and the two companies work closely. Safika’s non-executive chairman, Saki Macozoma, is deputy chairman of Standard Bank.

When Safika was founded in 1995 it was one of the first black-owned South African investment houses. Founder Moss Ngoasheng, today is chief executive of a multi-billion rand company with a distinguished board of directors and powerful support from influential shareholders.