Safika’s audit committee

Clockwise from left:
Brian Neale, Ayanda Mjekula, Martin Cross and Neo Dongwana.

Ayanda Mjekula

Ayanda has extensive banking experience and is a former director of Standard Bank. He has also played a prominent role in the energy industry and is a former chairman of South Africa’s Central Energy Fund.

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Martin Cross

Martin has a distinguished career in business and corporate finance. He is a founder member and former chairman of the Association of Corporate Treasurers of Southern Africa.

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Neo Phakama Dongwana

Neo is a qualified Chartered Accountant CA(SA) and serves as an independent non-executive director for a number of companies. Prior to being a non-executive director, she was an audit partner at Deloitte & Touche for almost ten years.

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Brian Neale

Chairman of the audit committee

Brian Neale is a chartered accountant with a wealth of experience in tax consulting and auditing.  He was a partner at a professional services network for 13 years and served on the company’s board before joining taxation and auditing firm Nwanda Incorporated as senior partner.  From 2014 he heads up Upward Spiral, a company specializing in tax and estate planning, working closely with Nwanda. Brian is a member of the World Council of Partners.