Unicom Emergency Response Messaging System: LNG Plant

This article describes a system developed, supplied and installed by Unicom Pty Ltd for use in an LNG plant in the Middle East enabling messaging between different communication devices to achieve a seamless, timely exchange of critical plant information.

As Neil Young advises us, “rust never sleeps”. Such is the plight of many technology systems around the world. As soon as you take your new shiny state of the art widget out of the box, its updated replacement is anywhere from a thought in a bright mind to a prototype on the test bench. It could even be available at the same supplier that you just purchased your new shiny state of the art widget from! Like rust, technology never sleeps. These new widgets carry the promise of capability, speed, reliability and redundancy and with that allow the tech savvy of our word to provide us with capabilities which enable us to be more productive and therefore drive better business outcomes. However, as time progresses and systems continue to perform, upgrades are not on the agenda. And when “if it aint broke don’t fix it” applies, the rust starts. Rust can be undetectable until the structure gives way and you fall through the floor. Read more

Trakka introduces sophisticated new vision enabling systems for vehicles

Safika’s partner Trakka Systems, is already well-known for its sophisticated helicopter-borne critical vision systems. Now the company has introduced a family of high-performance, integrated vision-enabling solutions built around Trakka’s gyro-stabilised camera systems.

Trakka’s team of experienced industry professionals has a proven track record in the design, manufacture, installation and support of vehicle-based Integrated Optronic Solutions (IOS). Its systems are specifically designed for integration into armoured vehicles, and have been developed for advanced situational awareness, route clearance and improvised explosive detection (IED) detection capability. 

TrakkaCam’s inbuilt software can also blend images to exploit features from different sensors providing imagery of activities that otherwise would go undetected. All of its systems can be interfaced with moving map systems and secure data links. These attributes enable operators and command centres to share mission-critical information in real time whilst providing enhanced situational awareness via augmented reality overlays or pure synthetic views. Advanced aesthetic design and weatherproof construction allows the TrakkaCam to perform under the harshest environments.

Please refer to the below video for a representation of this capability.

Safika to create multi-million Rand protein production hub

Safika is a partner in The Brisbane Valley Protein Precinct (BVPP), a multi-million rand protein production hub to be developed on more than 1100 hectares at Coominya in Australia’s Brisbane Valley.

BVPP will encompass intensive livestock production, processing, training, research and hospitality facilities, The Brisbane Valley Protein Precinct (BVPP) has identified the growing Asian middle class as a prime target for specialty poultry produce, built on strong consumer interest in quality Australian goods.

From Robben Island to Somerset

A vision for future economic development in the Somerset region

The business breakfast hosted by the Somerset Region Business Alliance at Cormorant Bay Cafe on Tuesday was a great opportunity to get a glimpse into Somerset’s Future.

Brisbane Valley Protein Precinct Pty Ltd (BVPP) is preparing a Development Application for a multi-million-dollar master planned protein production hub on more than 1100 hectares at Coominya in the Brisbane Valley.

BVPP is a family-owned company, stretching back through four generations of farmers in the region. It recently attracted a project partner in South African-based investment house Safika Holdings, which is a significant minority shareholder in BVPP.

The Brisbane Valley Protein Precinct site is designated as the Coominya Food Production Investigation Area under Somerset Regional Council’s Strategic Framework and BVPP Director Duncan Brown told the audience of local business people that plans were well advanced to lodge a Development Application for the project in mid-2016.

“This will be a staged development that includes intensive livestock production with poultry, game birds and beef, processing, training, research and hospitality facilities,” Mr Brown said.

“The Brisbane Valley Protein Precinct will be the first dedicated protein production hub in Australia, with on-site training and R&D facilities, and will deliver on State and local government visions for a strategic food production area at Coominya.

“It will provide jobs for Queenslanders by putting food on the plates of emerging middle classes in Asia and beyond.”

Mr Brown said BVPP was committed to local buy policies for staffing and procurement in support of Somerset Regional Council’s Economic Development Plan 2015-2020.

Executives from Safika Holdings visited the Coominya site and spoke at a Somerset Regional Business Alliance breakfast today.

“BVVP is the first Australian agricultural investment for Safika and demonstrates the new international capital that innovative projects like ours can bring to Queensland,” Duncan Brown said.

Senior executives Sakumzi “Saki” Macozoma and Moss Ngoasheng from South African-based investment house Safika Holdings gave inspirational presentations to the meeting (see 45-minute video).

Founded in 1995, Safika Holdings Pty Limited is an influential South African investment holding company headed by two of Nelson Mandela’s former fellow political prisoners Sakumzi ‘Saki’ Macozoma and Moss Ngoasheng.

In 2003, when the South African government decreed that major businesses must ensure a certain percentage of their shareholding be held by black people, Safika became the preferred Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) partner for a number of prominent South African companies. Their head office is in Johannesburg.

Sakumzi “Saki” Macozoma

Sakumzi Justice Macozoma (Saki) (born 1957) is a South African former political prisoner who served 5 years alongside Nelson Mandela on Robben Island. He is now one of South Africa’s most prominent businessman and a leader in civil society.

In 1996 Saki Macozoma was recognized as a “Global Leader for Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum. Two decades later and Mr Macozoma, now 58, is one of South Africa’s most prominent business figures.

Saki Macozoma is chairman of Safika Holdings, an international investment house based in Johannesburg.  Safika is expanding into Australia, Singapore, China and Pacific Rim countries, where it holds interests in finance, education, agriculture, aerospace and communications.

Saki Macozoma is president of Business Leadership South Africa and serves in the 50-person International Business Advisory Council (IBAC) of the B20.

His previous roles include as chief executive of New Africa Investments Limited, managing director of Transnet and chairman of the South African Presidential Business Working Group

Moss Ngoasheng

Moss Ngoasheng also served eight years as a political prisoner alongside Nelson Mandela. Born to an impoverished rural family in the arid northern reaches of South Africa, Ngoasheng (pronounced in-gwa-sheng) has been an anti-apartheid activist, an underground guerrilla, a political prisoner, a Marxist academic and until June 2000, President Thabo Mbeki’s influential economics adviser.

He is currently Safika Holdings’s chief executive and one of South Africa’s most distinguished businessmen.

A former economic advisor to South African presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, Moss Ngoasheng is chairman of SABSA holdings, a subsidiary of SABMiller, and director of Wingate Group Holdings and Business Leadership South Africa.

Moss Ngoasheng is a former consultant to the World Bank and National Housing Forum (South Africa) on aspects of economic policy. He has lectured on sociology at the University of Natal and was a director in the Department of Economic History at the University of Cape Town.

Moss Ngoasheng articulated the investment philosophy of Safika Holdings as one in which they take  a long term view by entering into partnerships with people, not businesses, but they especially favour family businesses as they have a very strong connection with the community and with the area in which they operate.

They see their investment in the Brisbane Valley Protein Precinct in social as well as economic terms.

It will be a partnership with the Brown family that also benefits the wider community.

When this project gets off the ground it will be a great boost to Somerset’s economy, providing jobs and training for local residents and especially our young people.

Saki Macozoma: who is the man who walked beside South Africa’s great Mandela?

By Raquel Carvalho

The former political leader and business man spent three years along side Nelson Mandela and argued over speeches as his press representative.

“Friends, comrades and fellow South Africans. I greet you all in the name of peace, democ­racy and freedom for all. I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the ­people.”

To hear these words we would have to go back in time and land in the hot afternoon of February 11, 1990 in the main public square in Cape Town, South Africa, standing elbow to elbow with thousands of people eager to see the man who would become the first black South African president. Read more

Announcing Launch of New TLX Searchlight with Dual Day/Night Camera Option

Moorabbin, Aust – Trakka Systems announces the launch of its new TLX searchlight with dual sensor TV/Thermal Imaging camera option which will be displayed for the first time at the HAI Heli-Expo in Louisville, Kentucky 1-3 March 2016.

Trakka Systems is the leading brand in searchlight technology and also a leader in the supply of fully exportable gyrostabilised camera systems. Applying the innovation and engineering skills for which it has built an enviable reputation, Trakka Systems is proud to announce the option for a dual sensor TV/TI payload colocated with the TLX searchlight. The TLX already offers a 25% brighter beam using less power draw, combined with expanded 6-position multispectral internal filter wheel and improved digital control with Geo-Axis Lock. These improvements are now expanded by a dual sensor payload option which allows for improved situational awareness and recording either by day or night, with the searchlight beam on or off.

“At Trakka Systems, we are 100% committed to on-going innovation and customer satisfaction” says Andrew Phillips, EVP Global Sales. “Yet again Trakka Systems has set the bar higher, with the world’s first searchlight/camera combination. The new dual camera option for the TLX opens up exciting new possible applications for users across our traditional market sectors. It goes about safety and situational awareness, especially for EMS and SAR operations – to help the crews to see, to save and protect.”

About Trakka Systems

Trakka Systems is a privately held Global Aerospace Group, whose primary focus is to design, manufacture, market and distribute innovative high powered DO-160-certified critical vision solutions for airborne, marine and land based operations around the world. Trakka Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, accessories, spare parts and services for civil and military operators, all major rotorcraft OEMs, completion centres, and MR&O facilities. Trakka’s extensive engineering capabilities, AS9100C and FAA-PMA manufacturing facilities, and FAA/EASA 145 repair stations deliver fast time-to-market solutions with superior customer support worldwide. To find out more visit

Trakka buys Swedish gimbal camera maker

Safika partner company Trakka Group is pleased to announce that they have acquired a controlling interest in the Swedish Airborne Gimbal Camera manufacturer, Swesystem.

Trakka Corp has in recent years been established as the leading brand in searchlight technology. Capitalizing on Trakka’s position in the market as well as their management’s vast knowledge of camera systems, the Trakka Group has now expanded its capabilities and product offering with the recent acquisition of Swesystem. This allows the Trakka Group to introduce a world class range of cost-effective, exportable, high-end gyro-stabilized camera systems and has positioned the Trakka Group to provide a broader-based surveillance offering with both active and passive critical vision technology.

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Safika Holdings would like to advise that it has no association of any nature to the company “Safika BSS” with the business website Safika Holdings would like to confirm that the truck with the name “Safika” and the website address written on it’s side, shown in a photograph posted recently on Facebook, which was allegedly illegally dumping, is not owned or associated in anyway with any subsidiary or company in the Safika Holdings portfolio of companies.

Safika Holdings is of the view that the confusion that has arisen due to the similarity of it’s business name with that of Safika BSS is unfortunate and Safika Holdings is taking the necessary steps to try to prevent any such confusion in the future.

Tshipi donation to uplift local communities in the Northern Cape

Safika’s Tshipi é Ntle manganese mining company consistently works to uplift local communities in the Northern Cape, where the mine is situated.  Tshipi’s most recent contribution of equipment and bursaries was reported by Boipelo.Mere in this article for The Northern Cape Express newspaper.

The Itsoso Waste Management Company, a local company consisting of six members from Cassel Village in the Joe Morolong Local Municipality, received an opportunity to make a mark in the competent business space.

Established in 2009, the company got a boost by receiving a waste truck from the Joe Morolong Local Municipality in conjunction with Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining.

The handover was made on Tuesday (26/01) and was part of Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining’s Social Labour Plan (SLP) for Local Economic Development.

Itsoso formed part of the municipality’s integrated development plan (IDP) that was proposed and approved by the council of Joe Morolong.

As part of their support to this project, Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining’s handover also included a 10-ton trailer, 12 ton skips, office space with equipment and mentorship and training.

Further commitment to the package included a one-year contract which runs concurrently with six months’ mentorship. It depends on the performance of the company whether their contract will be renewed by the mining company at the end, as the business will be treated the same as any other waste company and has to independently compete on the waste management market.

Mayor Dorcas Moremi and the general manager of Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining also awarded bursaries to four students in the Joe Morolong Local Municipality.

One of the bursary beneficiaries, Dilanah Motshabi, who comes from an underprivileged background in Madularanch Village, is looking foward to studying for a Bachelors of Education at the Sol Plaatje University in Kimberley. Her aim is to specialise in teaching Maths and Science.

Motshabi prides herself on being one of the best performing students in Maths and Science.