Safika Holdings Top Executives Donate A Third of Their Salaries To Corona Crisis Solidarity Fund

Moss Ngoasheng, chief executive and deputy chairman of the Safika Holdings Group, a leading empowerment company, has announced that the Group will donate R3-million to the corona virus Solidarity Fund set up by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Part of the donation comes from Ngoasheng and three other directors in their personal capacities, each donating one-third of their salaries to the fund. They are Safika chairman Saki Macozoma, CEO of Safika International, Marc Ber and the CEO of Safika Resources, Justin Pitt.

President Ramaphosa established the fund as a way for individuals and organisations to support measures to slow the spread of Covid-19, and assist in economic recovery.

Safika, which is controlled by Macozoma and Ngoasheng, was founded after the two political prisoners were released from Robben Island. It has grown to become a major investment house, based in Johannesburg, with interests around the world.

“As patriotic and caring South Africans, we have heeded the president’s call,” said Ngoasheng. “Our people are dying from corona, and they need help, we must do everything we can to support health providers and by responsibly assisting in getting our economy on track once the crisis is over.”

From its infancy, Safika has contributed to community upliftment and social responsibility donating large sums to tertiary educational institutions, providing funding for community projects and mentoring young businesspeople.