Safika sponsors educational visits by underprivileged schoolchildren to ArtMode.

Vanessa Holiday, convener of Cape Town’s ArtMode exhibition, has thanked Safika for sponsoring educational visits by underprivileged schoolchildren to ArtMode.  “Sheer joy and wonder is the best way to describe the reaction of the children, most of whom had never been exposed to art before,” she said.

Safika sponsored underprivileged children to visit the exhibition and take part in art workshops led by Bloemfontein-born artist and art educator Atang Tshikare. “Two of the learners showed real promise,” said Tshikare. “We have given them some time to make some pictures and they will be displayed at the next ArtMode exhibition.”

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Children from the Siyanzigisa Primary School in Gugulethu, Cape Town at a Safika-sponsored workshop at Artmode in Cape Town


Artist and art educator Atang Tshikare, introducing underprivileged Cape Town children to art for the first time.