Sakumzi Macozoma unlocking deep ambitions

So far Sakumzi ‘Saki’ Macozoma has been largely successful in his aim to fly “under the radar” as he seeks new investments in Australia.

That could start changing now as the former African National Congress worker who spent five years in the Robben Island prison with the likes of Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu during South Africa’s apartheid era starts to get more serious about his quest.

Under the spotlight are investments in mining services that could complement Safika Holding’s current international diversification up the mining value chain.

One of the more successful of the original BEE (black economic empowerment) organisations, Safika has an impressive array of investments in companies.

To help in the Australian search, Safika this year formed a broad strategic alliance with Melbourne boutique fund management and investment company the Wingate group.

“Finding the right partner that can punch above its weight is vital when you come to a different country,” said Saki.

“We don’t want to take on the big boys here or at home. We want to find some profitable niches that we can grow over time.”

As well as forging links in Singapore, China and Australia, those niches will increasingly involve mining-linked investments in recovering African countries such as Congo, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

In an impressive career that has included stints as a politician, running a large publicly owned transport company and now several leading board positions, Saki said the original broad ANC dream of de-racialising South African society was unfolding in ways the original leaders could scarcely have imagined from their prison cells.