Ngoasheng and Macozoma acknowledged for their support of disadvantaged students

Safika’s chairman, Saki Macozoma and chief executive, Moss Ngoasheng have been acknowledged by the Black Professionals Scholarship Fund (BPSF) for their regular and unwavering support for educational initiatives in South Africa.

BPSF head Tyson Sithole made the presentations at a special event, which raised more than R1-million to fund tertiary studies of gifted but disadvantaged students.

From Safika’s inception, Moss and Saki have financially supported and initiated a variety of educational scholarship, bursary and mentorship programmes, often preferring to do so anonymously.

The Black Professionals Scholarship Fund (BPSF) was formed in 2014 by young black professionals as a response to the challenge of a poor education system in South Africa. Members of the BPSF contribute to a central fund from their salaries each month and provide mentorship to students to help them manage the transition from high school to university.

Saki has served as chairman of the University Council of the Witwatersrand and of the Council for Higher Education. He is a member of the Board of Governors of Rhodes University.